Lenovo sentenced to have all software reviewed by third parties for 20 years

IT | Sep 15, 2017 | Master3395

But they do not make much sense for "Superfish."

It was discovered in January 2015 that secret spyware in Lenovo's machines deteriorated the security of the machines to serve advertisements.

Customers have forgotten
"Superfish was previously included on some consumer laptops that were sold for a short period of time between September and December to help customers potentially find interesting products while shopping, but feedback from users has not been positive," the company reported when it came to as badly.

Of course, they slowed down the severity of the press release, and the brand seems to be dramatically declining by 2017, although the sniffer software that analyzed user behavior was found on a number of the company's machines, including models sold at home.

This says the FTC
"As part of the decision with the FTC, it is now illegal for Lenovo to misrepresent the features of the software preinstalled on laptops to inject advertisements into consumer browsing sessions or to transfer sensitive consumer information to third parties.

The company must also get the consumer's confirmatory consent before installing such software.

In addition, the company is required for 20 years to implement a comprehensive software security program for most consumer programs preinstalled on laptops. The security program will also be subject to third party audits. "

Small bone, but must be examined for two decades
Now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that they have reached agreement with the company.

The company has to open its code installed on the machines, to third parties for 20 years for review by an independent party. That's embarrassing enough.

In addition to independent review of all that is on the machines for 20 years, the company is sentenced to pay 3.5 million dollars in fine, ie 27 million kroner. Charges for a company like Lenovo.

Also Dell was taken to have similar sneak software on their machines, but it was a matter of far fewer models.

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