The Torrent pages close one by one - now Google Drive has become a popular solution for pirates

IT | Sep 13, 2017 | Master3395

How to trick Google Scanners

Recently, torrent giants like KickAssTorrents, Extra Torrent and Torrentz.eu have had to shut the doors. This means that the networkers need to find new solutions.

Flying to Google Drive
Website Gadgets 360 writes that filing services like Google Drive have become a useful solution to the torrent sections. Last month, nearly 5000 claims were filed by film studios and other copyright owners, and each claim had hundreds of Google Drive links associated with the owners wishing to remove.

The pirates have found more ways to bypass Google blockings. For example, upload the videos to YouTube so as to mark those not listed so that they do not appear in search results. The links to these are then shared by forum and in other ways.

Offers more free storage
Gadget360 writes that services such as OneDrive, Dropbox and Mega are also used for this purpose, but that it is much more common on Google Drive. While there were 4700 DMCA requests to remove Drive links, it was only around 100 to remove Mega links. For OneDrive and Dropbox, the numbers were even lower.

One of the reasons why file sharing prefer Google is because the service offers 15GB of free storage where OneDrive and Dropbox provide 5 and 2GB of charge, respectively.

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Sources: Gadgets360

Author: Master3395


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