Google promised not to mess in your email, but how long will it last?

Google | Sep 12, 2017 | Master3395

The inbox is not protected for good.

This summer, Google announced that they should stop reading the email to private users. However, how long will this practice last?

Tied for three years
Ars Technica reports that, one month after the announcement of the end of the e-mail, the company entered into a settlement with mass suits. The persons behind the lawsuit believed that the clue was illegal interception.

Legal documents reveal that Google has only committed itself to such an agreement for three years as "a longer commitment can prevent Google's ability to improve and change its infrastructure and technology to meet new demands," it appears.

Will still see ads
Google does not want to complete the tracking entirely. Incoming email will be crawled for viruses, junk mail, and autoresponder.

Additionally, users will still see ads in Gmail, but this will be based on data from other Google services such as YouTube.

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Sources: Ars Technica

Author: Master3395


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