Instagram hacked, personal information about millions of users is sold online

IT | Sep 11, 2017 | Master3395

Not only hit celebrities.

Last week, Instagram was hacked by a weakness in the software, which allowed hackers to access phone numbers and email addresses of the user accounts on the service.

Personal information about millions of users
On August 30, Instagram went out saying that only the celebrities on the service were hacked - but now it looks much worse.

- After further analysis, we found that this issue potentially affected some unverified accounts as well, says an Instagram spokesman for Mashable.

"Although we can not determine which specific accounts have been affected, we think that it was a low percentage of Instagram accounts," they said.

It's just that Instagram has over 700 million users, so even one small percentage of this will be 7 million users who may have had their email and phone number revealed by this hack.

Leave searchable list on the dark network
The hackers behind Instagram's burglaries have also published a search tool on the Internet, later moved to the Tor Network, called DoxAGram.

Here they boast to be the only instagram lookup service online and that they can retrieve information from all Instagram accounts immediately.

The price for this is 10 dollars (about 80 kroner) for each spread.

Do not understand the seriousness
"Instagram obviously does not quite have the full implications of this bug," says one of the people behind Doxamgram to The Daily Beast.

"To be completely on the safe side, we encourage you to be careful with the security of your account and be careful if you observe suspicious behavior like unidentified calls, text messages or emails," says the technology director of the company in a blog post.

He also says that No password or other Instagram activities were revealed in the hack and that the software error has now been fixed.

Instagram also regrets the breach of its users.

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Sources: Mashable, The Daily Beast, Instagram

Author: Master3395


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