The Safer Microsoft Way to remove local profiles

Tutorials | Sep 9, 2017 | Master3395

The Safer Microsoft Way to remove local profiles

Press Windows Key + r to open the Run window then type


Sysdm.cpl (that’s a lowercase “L”) opens the System Properties screen from the command line.

There’s actually a whole array of common control panel tools you can kick off from the command line. Microsoft has published over two dozen popular control panel commands if you’re interested.  You can open everything from the Date/Time properties to your Internet Properties all from the Run box.

In the System Properties screen, click the Advanced tab and choose the middle Settings button to open your User Profile settings.


Select the profile to zap and click the Delete button below it.


Keep in mind that you need to be logged in as a local administrator and the user whose profile you wish to delete can’t be logged in.  That’s why the delete button is grayed out for me because I’m logged in as the to-be-deleted user.

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