This is the world's largest microSD card - 400GB of storage

General | Sep 8, 2017 | Master3395

Can hold 40 hours of Full HD movie.

Around these times last year, SanDisk announced the largest SD card with a total of 1TB of storage. During the IFA Fair this year, the company reveals a 400GB microSD card.

New microSD record
According to the storage battle, the microSDXC card holds 40 hours of full-HD video and can transfer files at a speed of 100 MB / s. The Western Digital-owned company succeeded in doubling the capacity of a 200GB card, among other things by switching to a new production process that makes room for more bits.

The card is classified as an App Performance Class A1 device, which means that it also runs apps pretty well so you can be sure it works on your smartphone. In addition, it is water resistant, X-resistant, shockproof and withstands high temperature fluctuations.

The card will cost $ 249, just under $ 2000 when it's launched in a short period of time. Norwegian price and launch are not known.

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Sources: The Verge

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