Fearing hacking of pacemakers - will not reveal whether the same product is sold in Norway

General | Sep 6, 2017 | Master3395

Must be firmware updated.

The US Food and Drug Administration withdraws pacemakers from St. Jude Medical, a company acquired by Abbot in January.

This is because they suspect they can be hacked.

Is the same product or not?
DN.no reports that the same models may be sold in Norway. 465,000 units are provided in patients with heart disease. It is currently not known that the bug was exploited by hackers.

«Martin Krekling is the market leader in St. Jude's Nordic department. He will not comment on whether there are the same pacemakers in Norway as in the United States, referring to pr-worker Candace Steel Flippin. "The newspaper has also received no response from Flippin.

Updating the software in the product takes a few minutes and will be rolled out outside of the US when it is approved.

We have contacted St. Judes in Norway for an attempt to make a comment and whether it is the same product sold in Norway as it is now being warned in the United States.

Keywords: hacking, health

Sources: The Verge, DN, Abbot

Author: Master3395


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