Criminals have tried to encrypt the files to 23 million people

IT | Sep 4, 2017 | Master3395

Takes over $ 18,000 to unlock the files.

The security company has revealed a massive ransomware campaign in the last couple of days.

The attack is one of the biggest at this time of the year. In particular, people in the United States are exposed, but beware, because suddenly something may appear with you, or someone you know.

Most people know that you can never hit script files in email, it's the oldest and most dangerous trick in the book, but not everybody thinks about it.

At the time of writing, it is not possible to unlock the files of the Locky kidnapping item.

It may be okay to ban these topics in your email client
The email that contains a .zip file containing the script file (Visal Basic Script) is sent with a variety of different topic titles:

  • please print
  • documents
  • photo
  • images
  • scans
  • pictures



Keywords: Ransomware, Security

Sources: AppRiver

Author: Master3395


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