They claim this mobile screen is unbreakable

IT | Sep 2, 2017 | Master3395

These are Lenovo's new products.

Lenovo has shown new products

This launched them
The company has shown Moto X that has Amazon Alexa built-in (JBL has announced new speakers, Link, with Google Assistant, so now comes a third-party product with assistants like that only) and Moto Z2 who has Lenovo claims is an unbreakable display - They guarantee it, in fact.

Tab 4 Home is a tablet with assistant. On the portable front, we find Yoga 920s with "intelligent technology".

The VR Headset they have talked about earlier, they have partnered with Microsoft about: Lenovo Explorer.

Prices and availability

This boils Lenovo
«With reasonable prices, all devices will be available to regular consumers. Mirage AR Headset, Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset, Moto X Smartphone, Tab 4 Home Assistant and Yoga 920 give every consumer the opportunity to have a more personalized technology experience. "

"In addition, Lenovo is expanding its PC range with the new 12-inch Yoga 720, Miix 520 Windows 10 (removable) and ThinkVision P27u display."

Moto Z2
"The new Moto Z2 Force Edition has a durable and durable display. The phone is made of metal and offers a dual camera that delivers top quality images. It is also compatible with the Moto Mods system, which makes it easy to mount your Moto 360 camera. That way you can capture all angles in one image. "

Moto X
"The fourth generation Moto X-Moto X4 has a smarter camera that's more than just taking pictures. Spice your selfier with animations using the AR function, or point the lens on an object and it will ask if you want to learn more about what you see. The new smartphone also has Amazon Alexa, which gives you new opportunities to use your mobile as a digital assistant. "

Tab 4: Home Assistant
"Alexa also makes your other devices smart, and Lenovo now includes the service on their tablets. The Tab4 series is now even more versatile thanks to Alexa's Home Assistant Pack. You can use the voice to get news, weather, calendar access, shop online, or check smarthjem features. "

Yoga 920
"Personal technology gets a new meaning with Yoga 920. With AI technology, your device can anticipate your needs and interact with you in a variety of ways. The device also offers new ways to draw and record with Active Pen 2 with Windows Ink. »

"Cortana voice recognition can take commands from four meters away. Yoga 920 also offers mixed reality and biometric security, as well as it's packed with Intel's latest Quad Core i7 processor, Windows 10 OS and a 13.9-inch touchscreen, in a sleek design of just 1.37 kg and with a screen that can be turned 360 degrees. »

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