Malware for Mac has increased by 230 percent in one year

IT | Aug 30, 2017 | Master3395

Security expert warns against listening to those who still say that "Macs are not getting viruses."

According to figures from the Malwarebytes security company, the number of malware and viruses for macOS has never been higher.

Warning about injury
By the end of July this year, Malwarebytes had discovered more cases than ever before. Compared to last year, the increase is 230 per cent.

- Many Mac experts still say that "Macs are not getting viruses", but you should be very sure with which web pages you visit. And it's not a straightforward advice anymore, if ever it's been, "says Thomas Reed in Malwarebytes to SC Magazine.

Steer password
The Trojan Proton RAT is one of the most common and serious that has hit Mac users, according to the company.

Proton RAT attempts to steal usernames and passwords stored in computer browsers, but also in keychains in macOS and the password application 1Password.

A new type of damage
At the same time, Malwarebytes mentions unwanted "potentially unwanted programs" or "pups" as an upcoming headache for Mac users.

This type of malware is advised when installing other software or by pretending to be an antivirus program. Instead, the damage is used to spy on users and spread ads.

Do you have Mac and are afraid of being hurt?

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