Soon Chrome can permanently block sounds

Google | Aug 29, 2017 | Master3395

Tried out now.

Google Chrome has long had the ability to turn off sounds in tabs that play them off, but now it will soon be possible to make it permanent.

Permanently silent web pages
This makes it possible to design "sinning" websites as permanently silent, instead of just doing it when they play a sound.

The feature is included in the latest "Canary" edition of Chrome, where they test new features before it comes to the official release.

Own web page menu
To use the feature, you must navigate to a page that plays audio and click the "site info" icon located to the left of the address bar.

Clicking on this gives you a wide variety of options for images, pop-up windows and audio.

In the audio menu you can now set the entire web page to "silent," and it will be until the setting is manually changed to allow audio playback.

The feature is only available in the test version for so long, but it's likely that it will find the way to the production version of Chrome if it gets well received / works well.

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