The Microsoft Photos app in Windows 10 is more like Google Photos

Microsoft | Aug 13, 2017 | Master3395

Smarter search and face recognition.

Microsoft has released a new update for "Images" in Windows 10 that brings a host of smart features to the app.

Smart search and categorization
In place is a new smart search that scans all of your photos on OneDrive and uses artificial intelligence to identify and categorize them. A similar feature is already available on the OneDrive.com and OneDrive apps for iOS and Android, but now it's also on the way to the Photos app.

This means that you can search for phrases such as "cat" or "plant" and the app will show you images containing search phrases. As you have learned from Google Photos, the results at the start can be a bit of the cool variety as it takes time to fine tune the technology.

With face detection
Additionally, the Photos app has gotten a face detection feature that will link images that the app thinks is of the same person. Such a feature was also available in Microsoft's old photo app, Windows Photo Gallery.

Windows Central writes that the update so far has been sent to the Windows Insider Release Preview Ring. More information and pictures can be found in the Source Label.

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Sources: Windows Central

Author: Master3395


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