Now Jeff Bezos is richer than Bill Gates

General | Aug 9, 2017 | Master3395

Poor Gates has 1 billion dollars less.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is the world's richest man right now.

Bezos has been billionaire for more than 20 years, but has seen a significant increase in its value over the past two years (and over five years, its value has increased by $ 70 billion).

Richer than Gates
And now he's even passing through Microsoft bases Bill Gates, who has been number one on the world's richest list more or less all the time in recent years.

Earlier this week, Gates was worth $ 90 billion and Bezos's 89th, but Amazon's value is on track in anticipation of quarterly figures, and quite rightly, the company pushed its value to over $ 90 billion - $ 90.2 billion to Be accurate.

Dare to bet
Bezos has not got it done with mobiles (Fire Phone - Bezos: - We're working on much bigger flops than that!), But Amazon bought Just WholeFoods, a very popular organic food chain in the United States, and the Echo speakers are doing well in A market that the traditional technology companies have been slow to get started in.

They also compete against Netflix with Amazon Prime Video and offer music streaming through Alexa and with their own music streaming service.


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Sources: CNBC

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