Soon, your iPhone will get a feature you've always wanted and that eliminates a big nuisance

Apple | Aug 3, 2017 | Master3395

We are also tired of this.

The iOS 11 features a new feature that ensures that the iPhone or iPad does not connect to any WiFi network you come across.

I'm sorry
It's not often over WiFi networks, open ones that promise you can surf but that do not work, often online in stores, malls and such places.

Now, iOS 11, launched this fall, will discover such networks and do not automatically connect your mobile to them. You can of course choose to connect to the web if you want, but this must be done manually.

IOS 11 is currently in other open beta tests, while developers are on beta 3. We hope (but can not guarantee) on beta 4 this week, maybe already tomorrow.


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