Now it's advertising in Facebook Messenger

IT | Aug 1, 2017 | Master3395

Scrolled out to 1.2 billion users.

Facebook Messenger users will be on the home screen for the coming weeks, "says Facebook's Messenger Production Manager Stan Chudnovsky, to Venturebeat.

Have been in beta since January
The advertising project for Messenger has taken place as a beta from January this year in Australia and Thailand, and now it's being rolled out worldwide to 1.2 billion users of the app.

"Advertising is not all, but it's definitely how we're going to make money right now," says Chudnovsky. "There are some other business models we also explore, but everyone is about advertising in one form or another.

Beta in Thailand and Australia sent advertisements to almost all Messenger users' home screens, and this will now be rolled out first and then come to everyone, probably during the year.

Will start carefully
"We will start carefully," said Chudnovsky. - We are not sure when the average user wants to see the advertisement because we will be very data driven and feedback driven when we make that decision.

Facebook Messenger already has a Discover tab that came to users in the United States at the end of June, showing robots and conversations with different brands.

The plan is to connect more of these up with users, but Chudnovsky says Facebook is "agnostic" about whether an advertisement leads to a website or conversation in Messenger.

"We believe that the experiences that open up conversation threads will convert better if you take enough care in building these experiences," he says.

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