Historical major update for the Linux kernel

IT | Jul 18, 2017 | Master3395

Half is the driver of AMD's Vega.

Linux creator Linus Torvalds announced this weekend that Linux kernel 4.12 has been completed, and first of all, this is the size of the view.

One million lines of code
Linux 4.12 has over one million new core codes, thanks to work on Direct Rendering Manager for Vega GPUs, new disk and file systems, updates for POWER9, ARM and Nvidia processors, and "hardness" in the form of Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization.

- 4.12 is one of the most historical updates, and I think only 4.9 had more "commits," says Torvalds.

- 4.9 was big because it was a Long Term Support kernel, but 4.12 is just big, he continued.

Seven «Release Candidates»
The completed kernel comes after seven "Release Candidates" since the development started in mid-May.

"4.12 is very big, but the reason is not just that there has been much development, we have the extra size with a lot of new header files to support AMD Vega," explains Torvalds.

- It's actually almost half the size of the update.

Linux kernel 4.12 also includes a number of small, but important stability and security enhancements for the various file systems and arbitrary features that are supported, loads of driver updates, networking and many bugfixes - which overall make it the most advanced kernel to date.

Torvalds now encourages everyone to "go out and use it."

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Sources: Zdnet, Softpedia

Author: Master3395


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