Microsoft claims Edge gives best battery life - this test shows something else

General | Jul 12, 2017 | Master3395

«Battery Changer» Chrome is the best.

Microsoft launched a never-so-called web war since last year it showed tests that showed that Edge is most friendly to your battery and that Chrome is stinking.

browser War
Opera threw off and showed to own tests where their browser did the best, the company also launched a dedicated power saver feature. However, Microsoft and Edge were victorious in an independent test.

Last spring, Microsoft was able to show its own tests where Edge was the best.

YouTube Channel Linus Tech Tips wanted to test Microsoft's claims and have run some very comprehensive battery-time tests with Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The tests have been run on four identical Dell machines and in advance, the YouTube channel also tested the battery life of the PCs to check if there were any differences there.

Chrome best, Edge on third
Linus Tech Tips first tested the browsers in their proprietary manner before they also ran battery tests according to Microsoft's criteria. In none of the tests Edge came out best.

In fact, Chrome was radiating in both tests, the browser who has been criticized for being very fond of your laptop battery. Google has had a great focus on making Chrome more powerful, and it may look like work now carrying fruits.


The whole test, which you should definitely see, can be found in the video window below.

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Sources: Linus Tech Tips

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