Now Gmail stops reading your email

General | Jul 11, 2017 | Master3395

Must show "personal advertising" from other sources.

The perhaps most controversial feature in Gmail has been that Google scans your email to show advertisements - but now they promise to end the practice once and for all.

1.2 billion users
From now on, Google will instead use "other sources" to show you personalized ads in Gmail, such as search and Youtube.

There are already 1.2 billion Gmail users today who get ads based on what they write in their emails, making the service the world's largest email service and a huge advertising platform.

Want more G-suite customers
The change should come because Google wants more paying users of office suite G suite, which they boast of having doubled their user base over a year to 3 million users.

Previously, there was no advertising in the G suite version of Gmail, and the email was not scanned, but many were still skeptical about Gmail's reputation for scanning your email, which was a reputation competitor for which Microsoft had no problems To contribute.

Advertising-free G suite Gmail will continue, however, the sources for the personal advertisement you see in the free version of Gmail will change.

The change will come "later this year," according to the Google Blog.

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Sources: Google-bloggen, Bloomberg

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