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General | Jul 5, 2017 | Master3395

Finally, the man comes with the beard icon.

Unicode Consortium has officially announced Unicode 10.0, which consists of 8518 new characters. In total, the database is 136,690 characters.

56 news
Among the news are 56 new emotions, or emoticons, as they are called. These include a vampire, mermaid, broccoli, magician, man with beard (finally) and a face that looks stars.

The update was completed in March, but it is only now that it becomes available. However, it is uncertain when your devices will see the new emoticons. Twitter was actually the first to make them available when they added beta support for Unicode 10.0 last month.

Google has added the new characters in the Android O Prerequisites. In the case of Apple and iOS, 9to5Mac writes that the rollout is too late considering iOS 11, and that the new icons are most likely available in a minor update to the upcoming operating system. Last year, the Unicode 9 news was launched with iOS 10.2.

Here you can see the 56 new emotion icons:


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Sources: 9to5Mac, Emojipedia

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