Updates all Windows 10 versions

Microsoft | Jun 29, 2017 | Master3395

This is new.

The second Tuesday of the month is "patch tuesday," which means updates to supported Windows versions.

All versions updated
Now Microsoft has also updated all Windows 10 installations, whether you're running Creators Update, Anniversary Update, version 1511 or the original Windows 10 version (which's really not supported anymore).

This time, security update for Windows XP and Windows Vista was also released - in fear of new, WannaCry-like attacks.

Windows 10 updates should install automatically via Windows Update, no matter what version you are running.

This is new in the Creators Update update:

This is new to Anniversary Update:

This is new to version 1511:

This is new to the original version (1507):

If the updates are not yet installed, go to Start> Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update> Check for updates.

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