Such is OneDrive Files on Demand in practice

Microsoft | Jun 28, 2017 | Master3395

Just downloads the files you need.

In the latest Insider version of Windows for Fixed Ring users, version 16215, it is possible to use the OneDrives Files on Demand feature.

Only the files you need
This allows you to download files from OneDrive as you wish to use them.

You can see all the files on your OneDrive disk, even when disconnected, and can download the ones you need.

The function appears as a OneDrive option called "Save space and download files when using them."

Wished such a function
Neowins Rich Woods has been waiting for this functionality in Windows 10 since the system was launched.

He says that he has about 50,000 files and 800GB in his OneDrive backup so this should be a welcome feature for him.

Coming in the fall
The feature is expected in finished Windows 10 versions this fall when Redstone 3, also called the Autumn Version of Creators Update, comes.

Here you can see a video that Woods has made about how Files on Demand works:

Sources: Neowin, The Windows Blog, Office Blogs

Author: Master3395


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