The EU prepares billion bots for Google

Google | Jun 20, 2017 | Master3395

Must have used search results to favor their own services.

EU competition authorities may give Google a hefty fine for its action service already before the summer vacation in August, reports The Independent, who has talked to people familiar with the case.

Seven-year investigation
The boat will come after a seven-year search engine search, which came after complaints from both US and European competitors.

Google was accused in April 2015 to display search results in favor of its own shopping service, which was detrimental to both competitors and consumers, writes the newspaper.

Ten percent of revenue
If Google were to be declared guilty of breaking the EU's competition, the boat could be as big as ten percent of its global turnover - which in Google's case would be about $ 9 billion, or 76.5 billion Norwegian kroner.

In addition to the boat, the EU commission will ask Google to stop the alleged anti-competitive actions, but exactly what they want to ask Google to do to ensure that competitors are equally represented in search results is unclear.

Several things in the system
Google has also previously been accused of the same in the US where the Federal Trade Commission entered into a settlement with the search giant where Google stopped taking reviews and other data from rival websites and displaying them on their own products.

However, this is just one of several things against Google in the EU system. For example, they have also been accused of using the Android system to expel rivals (by default setting Google search engine), and blocking competitors in searchers' complaints in the AdSense for search platform.

Here too, the European Commission has threatened with massive fines.

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Sources: The Independent

Author: Master3395


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