The Guardian reveals: This you can share and not share on Facebook

IT | Jun 18, 2017 | Master3395

Have access to what is supposed to be the social media's secret guidelines.

Facebook has recently been criticized after more violent videos have been published on the social network. In the wake of this, Facebook has stated that they will employ 3000 people to remove such content.

Secret Guidelines
Now, British The Guardian has got access to what is supposed to be the social media's secret guidelines on what can and what can not be published.

- The Guardian has emerged as one of the world's media capable of uncovering the biggest digital and social threats and issues in recent years. So when Self Guardian comes with this, we should read and listen, "says Magnus Brøyn in Coxit PR to VG.

"After Facebook turned on the possibility of live broadcasts, there have been quite bizarre challenges. People are raping rapes, killing, police violence and much else that no serious media would have considered broadcasting, "says Brøyn.

He believes that the guidelines The Guardian has published (see bottom of the case) suggests that Facebook uses less algorithms and technology in its moderation than previously thought, writes VG.

This is legal / not allowed
The Guardian writes that Facebook now looks at itself as a publisher and thus needs to do more to remove hateful, hurtful and violent content. The information below has received the UK newspaper from several Facebook moderators during the past year.

Among other things, it appears that direct damage to self-harm and images of animal abuse is allowed.

What do you think of the alleged guidelines for Facebook?

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Sources: The Guardian, VG

Author: Master3395


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