May 7, 2017

Now, Facebook's "TV-like" video insertion

Launches already in June.

Launches already in June.

Facebook has long been planning a major video effort, where they will create original content for almost 2 billion Facebook users. Now the project can have a launch date - sometime during the next month.

Episodic content of high quality
The plan will now, according to several anonymous sources familiar with the project, be to launch two different services - one for less five to ten minutes to be updated as often as each day, and an excessive episode of high quality episode that can be viewed on TV .

Facebook has already been in talks with several manufacturers, and already has several great celebrities on the team.

Compared to the "House of Cards"
Several insider sources, according to Business Insider, have described the emphasis on television shows as something that will be of the same quality as Netflix's House of Cards.

One of the programs that has already got green light is a dating show that will use virtual reality, the people first go to VR meeting before they meet in reality.

Must win the teens back
One of the main points of focusing on video is to get back the teen market, which still leaks from Facebook to other apps like Snapchat.

"They are manically upset by Snapchat, one of the insiders has said," Facebook is targeting younger users to expand this audience segment.

However, the video response to Facebook will earn its money on advertising, especially the new mid-roll ads that are sent in the middle of video on Facebook already and there are no plans to monetize, such as a subscription model such as YouTube has selected.

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