Soon, the power quality with Chromecast will be much better

IT | Apr 30, 2017 | Master3395

When you stream from the browser.

Google is now testing a new method of streaming from the browser that will provide a significant boost in quality.

Better quality of browser flow
Up to now, the quality has not been as good when broadcasting from unsupported sources like browsers when previewing video from a dedicated app like Netflix and HBO Nordic.

For example, Amazon Prime Video broadcast via Chrome in either Windows or MacOS has been of high quality. This is especially noticeable if you have a slightly weaker PC.

- A simple solution
"The Chrome department is experimenting in Dev Channel with improving the" Circle a tab experience "by forwarding the video bit right to the Chromecast device when a video is in fullscreen. This 'easy' feature allows you to save battery and maintain video quality, "explains Google Francois Beaufort on Google+.

If you have the Dev Channel version of Chrome, you can test the new feature already. To do this, navigate to chrome: // flags / # media-remoting and enable «flag».

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Sources: 9to5Google, Google+

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