Now it pops up ads in the file explorer in Windows 10

IT | Apr 10, 2017 | Master3395

But they are easy to remove.

According to reports from Extreme Tech has begun to emerge ads for OneDrive in Windows 10's file explorer.

Ads in file explorer
Some users see banners that promoters both extra storage in Microsoft's cloud service and office suite Office 365.

ExtremeTech writes that for some users appeared ads up several months ago, but they have become more prevalent in recent days.

It is possible to remove the ads by pressing Not now button, but it is uncertain whether they will reappear in the future.

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To remove them
Not surprisingly, there are several that react to this announcement the news from Microsoft, but fortunately Super Site for Windows out there with tips on how to remove them.

How to do it:

  • Open File Explorer and click File.
  • Then choose Folder and search options.
  • Press View and scroll down to the Display notification of synchronization provider.
  • Disable this to remove the ads.

Another method might be to disable tips, tricks and suggestions:

  • Open Settings and press System.
  • Select Notifications and actions.
  • Here you can choose to disable Get tips, tricks and suggestions while using Windows.
  • Has it appeared ads on your Windows 10 computer?

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