How to keep your iCloud account secure

Apple | Apr 2, 2017 | Master3395

Hackers claim they have credentials to hundreds of millions of accounts.

Last week claimed hacker group "Turkish Crime Family" that they have access to several hundred million iCloud accounts. Now it turns out that the login information that the group has dealt votes. ZDNet has tried 54 different accounts provided by "Turkish Crime Family" and all works.

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Apple has previously stated that it has not been a security breach on their side and that information probably comes from previous attacks from other services. However, there are several ZDNet has been in contact with who claim that they have not used iCloud account on services other than Apple.

9to5Mac recommend iCloud users to go through the following five steps to stay on the safe side.

1. Change password: An important tasks when you suspect that your account may be compromised. Especially if you use the same password on multiple services, which is not recommended.
2. Enable two-factor authentication: A point 9to5Mac describes as a priority if you have not already activated it.
"With two-factor authentication is only possible to gain access to your account on devices you trust, like iPhone, iPad or Mac devices," explains Apple. Via this link you can read about how to enable two-factor authentication for Apple ID.

3. It is easy to confuse the two-factor authentication with step verification. The former is definitely the most secure of them two. Under Security on your account page you can check which of them you have enabled.
Via this link you can read about how to switch from two-step verification for two-factor authentication.

4. Check your logged-units: Under Devices on your account page, you can check what devices Apple ID is logged on. If you see any entries that seem suspicious, you should remove it / them.
5. Use a password handling: The latest safety recommendation to 9to5Mac. If you want to use a long and secure password for every service you use, it is advisable to use an application that manages your passwords. These complicated passwords can at times be difficult to remember.
Browsers Most have built in the ability to store passwords for you, but there are also solutions like LastPass and 1Password.

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