Google says they have fixed many of the security holes from WikiLeaks / CIA dump

Google | Mar 13, 2017 | Master3395

Google said the Android system and Chrome browser are strong enough to resist many of the vulnerabilities that have been published in WikiLeaks dump of over eight thousand CIA documents, which describe methods for hacking a number of systems.

They say, however, that "the analysis is ongoing:"

Already well protected
- Because we have gone through the documents, we are confident that security updates and protections in Chrome and Android already protects users from many of these alleged vulnerabilities, says Heather Adkins, Director of Information Security and Privacy in Google.

- Our analysis is ongoing, and we will implement further security protections if it becomes necessary, she said in a statement to the Recode.

Our top priority is to invest in defense
- We have always made safety a top priority and we continue to invest in our defenses.

So even though Google says that most already are targeted, ongoing investigations continued - and Google is not liable for that there may be a breach of security documents that need to be fixed.

Security holes in WikiLeaks dump is still serious for Google, considering the over sixty percent of Android phones running on version 5 and 6 of the system.

Previously, Apple said roughly the same thing: That much is fixed, but they will send out new security patches if they discover new weaknesses.

An earlier study from ITavisen today also showed that the documents had found few flaws in popular browsers like Google Chrome.

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