YouTube Launches Its Own Live TV Streaming Service With 40 Channels

Google | Mar 1, 2017 | Master3395

YouTube has launched its own live TV service called YouTube TV. Initially rolling out in the US, it’s planned to include more than 40 channels from different networks. YouTube TV would be priced at $35/mo, and users can use it on six accounts across different devices. It also includes a cloud DVR option with unlimited storage.

People might prefer streaming service, but live TV has its own place which is reserved for the TV only. Even YouTube, where people watch 1 billion hours of content every day, knows the importance. 
On Tuesday, YouTube announced its live TV service. YouTube TV has more than 40 channels from leading networks including FOX, CBS, ESPN, ABC, etc. The streaming giant’s existing rental YouTube Red is also part of the YouTube TV subscription.

For $35, YouTube streams live TV on six accounts. YouTube says the live TV services would be available across various device platforms, including Chromecast. They have put the DVR on the cloud, and they are offering unlimited storage for recording multiple live TV streams which will be stored for nine months.

The live TV service would first roll out at a limited number of locations in the US. Eventually, it might spread its legs across the globe. And hopefully, they would come up with a cheaper plan.

What do you think about YouTube TV? Drop your thoughts and feedback.

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