Apple has updated our favorite version of iOS - also MacOS updated

Apple | Feb 24, 2017 | Master3395

Download iOS 10.3 beta 3.

Apple has released iOS 10.3 beta 3 for developers.


MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 Beta 3 is now released for developers.

It is a day to update
iOS 10.3 is already our favorite iOS version thanks to the new file system make the devices faster and smoother.

Not only that, but all beta versions of 10.3 has been so stable for us that we have no problems recommending to those of you who have some beta experience already.

Remember yet complete backup locally on the machine due to transition to a new filesystem.

Update WatchOS also
It is not known what all the changes in beta 3 is, but Apple has corrected iCloud Backup error messages and some Find my iPhone wrong. It is not introduced major mistakes.

Expect that Apple puts out the public beta 3 test in a few days.

WatchOS 3.2 beta 3 and tvOS 10.2 is also released.

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