Survey finds that 74% of Netflix subscribers would cancel over ads

General | Jun 22, 2016 | Master3395

While Netflix might be the largest paid-for streaming service around these days, they can only get away with so much and according to a survey released this week, for most Netflix subscribers, the line is drawn at showing ads. Apparently, around 74 percent of subscribers would rather cancel than be forced to see ads on Netflix.

While 74 percent of those who took part wouldn’t want ads anywhere near Netflix, 90 percent of them would also put their money down and pay a bit more each months to help support the advertisement free model. Out of those people that would rather see a price hike, 57 percent would be willing to pay up to $2 extra a month, 22 percent would go as high as $3.

The survey was conducted by allflicks and is based on answers from 1200 US-based respondents, so the figures are still based on a fairly small sample of the Netflix customer base. People may have different answers in other parts of the world given how dramatically Netflix’s library of content can vary between countries.

After going live with the survey, it did hit Reddit, where plenty of others can be found saying they would probably rather cancel their Netflix subscriptions than see ads.

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