This is probably the biggest Windows Blue Screen of Death ever seen

IT | Jan 11, 2017 | Master3395

Most of the Windows users are familiar with The Blue Screen of Death. It has been around for a very long time and recently they changed it to The Green Screen of Death. This blue screen is bigger than any other you have seen so far.

This massive video wall of height more than 50 feet is the you entrance to the CentralFestival, which is a shopping mall in Pattaya, Thailand. When this windows based thing tripped over itself,  Blake Sibbit happened to be outside and captured this awesome image.


We assume that this is not one of those smart and geeky advertising campaign. It certainly doesn’t look like it, especially with the inclusion of ftser2k.sys called out as the culprit. This particular file has to do with USB-connected serial device, and these are very commonly used with signage systems. This singage system just happened to run into some problem that it can not handle and decided to take down the Windows along with it.

It is not quite as cool as seeing a Nine Inch Nails perform this in front of a Blue Screen of Death when they did it a decade ago (it was put there intentionally according to the Trent Reznor).

You may not have seen it yet, but Microsoft finally gave the BSOD a makeover for Windows 8. Instead of all that messy, nerdy stuff it’s now a big, frowny emoticon and a bit of plain English that’s probably not quite so frightening to the average Windows user. We haven’t seen one of those pop up in such spectacular fashion just yet, but give it time.

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Author: Master3395


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