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Many iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models are already sold out after the pre-sale started today at 2 p.m. and have several weeks' delivery time.

The iPhone 15 Pro models are mostly sold out

The first customers will receive their new Apple mobiles on 22 September, i.e. Friday next week, while those who order now must expect several weeks of waiting time for a number of models.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB ("blue titanium") has a waiting time of three to four weeks, while the 512 GB model for NOK 20,990 can be delivered from seven to 10 working days - the same applies to the 1 TB model, the largest which is offered, and it costs NOK 23,990.


How about the 6.1-inch little brother (“blue titanium”)? It also takes two to three weeks for delivery, while the 256 GB model at NOK 16,390 requires seven to 10 delivery days, ditto for the 512 GB model. If you choose the iPhone 15 Pro with the same color in the 1 TB edition, Apple suddenly states a delivery date between 22 and 25 September, i.e. almost on the day of delivery.


All iPhone 15 models may be delivered as early as Friday next week

Although, as usual, the most new things are with the Pro models, the iPhone 15 models have a lot of new and practical things this year, including USB C like the more expensive models, the “Dynamic Island” that was introduced with the Pro models last year and actually 48 MP - camera and 2 x telephoto.


Apple's very cheapest iPhone 15 ("blue") with 128 GB of storage space costs NOK 11,990 and is delivered between 22 September and 25 September. Go up to 256 GB of storage space, and it's the same delivery estimate – ditto for the 512 GB model at NOK 16,390.


Have you ordered, which model and will you get yours on launch day?

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