More Than 380,000 User Accounts Leaked from Adult Website

General | Dec 18, 2016 | Master3395

Over 380,000 user accounts of adult video website named xHamster have recently been leaked online. The data breach includes customers username, email addresses and passwords. The leak contains 40 email addresses belonging to the US Army and 30 that are from government bodies in the US, UK and other countries.

According to LeakBase, the accounts were being traded at the same time that a hacker found a vulnerability on the website earlier this year, but it is not exactly clear how the database was obtained.

According to xHamster spokeperson says that,”he passwords of all xHamster users are properly encrypted, so it is almost impossible to hack them. Thus, all the passwords are safe and the users data secured.”

But the hashed passwords can be cracked easily, since they have used an old encryption algorithm, which was also used in website Ashley Madison which was also hacked a year ago.

“The fact they think the hashes are secure is a blatant example of the faulty security placed in companies even to this day,” stated a LeakBase representative.

Make sure next time when you signup to porn websites, use useless emails and passwords, and you can check Have I Been Pwned? and see if your details are included in the leak.

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Author: Master3395


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