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Driver failure

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Only hours after the launch of GeForce driver 535.98, major problems are reported.

20, 30, and 40 series are affected by random flickering and black screen

The drivers are a must for Nvidia owners who want to play Diablo IV, and you want to, as well as System Shock in the new edition. The problem is that the screen can suddenly go black with the driver. A user explains that G-Sync in combo with the 4070 Ti ends in a random black screen.


An RTX RTX 4080 owner writes: “I updated a few minutes ago using GeForce Experience, and since then my screen has been flickering like f every time the cursor is moved.” Another user, also this person with a 4070 ti, reports that the 4K to projector no longer works with HDMI.


Both of my screens occasionally go black for 1-2 seconds at random times, even with no programs running. Both monitors are Asus TUF Gaming (VG27AQ) QHD 2K 165Hz on a 3090ti. Now I have to reset my drivers.


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