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Solve the Windows annoyance that plagues everyone

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The hope was that after 11 Windows launches, Microsoft would be able to terminate programs when the user requests a restart. That's not how it is.

Why, Microsoft, why?
Instead, you have surely experienced that the OS, including the latest Windows 11 with Moment 3, waits for programs to end themselves so that Windows allows itself to do what the user has asked. It's strange that something so basic should be so difficult to achieve, but luckily there is a fix, and it's built into Windows - it's just that it's not turned on by default.


The first thing you need to do is give the OS permission to terminate programs/processes on reboot. Start regedit and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. Create a string and name it “ AutoEndTasks .” Once done set the level to 1 to activate.


Impatient? Do this
Then you can choose how long you think is acceptable to wait by creating the string “ WaitToKillAppTimeout .” The default is 20 seconds, but you can adjust it as low as two seconds (enter 2000.)


It is also possible to add " HungAppTimeout " so that programs that do not hang up also take the evening when you request it: the default is 5000 milliseconds, i.e. five seconds, but you can activate 2000 milliseconds (two seconds) if desired. After the changes are done, close the regedit and reboot.

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