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How to disable Bing button in Microsoft Edge?

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The recently released Microsoft Edge version 111 has brought a new Bing button to the browser. 

It sits where the main menu used to be and opens Bing Chat whenever you hover the cursor over it. Not everyone likes such behavior, so here is how to disable the Bing button in Microsoft Edge 111 and higher.



How to remove the Bing button in Edge [update]

On March 25, 2023, Microsoft released an update for Edge 111.


It brings a much more convenient single-click solution that no longer relies on enterprise policies (they are still available, as described below).


Here is how you disable the Bing button in Edge:


  1. Launch Microsoft Edge and go to edge://settings/help.

  2. Make sure you have version 111.0.1661.54 or higher.

  3. Go to Settings > Sidebar and click Discover.

  4. Toggle off the Show Discover option. It will remove the Bing button from Microsoft Edge immediately.


Sources: neowin

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