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Google | Nov 17, 2016 | Master3395

Google Mass Explorer is a free automated robot for google search engine. It helps to make a google search, and parse the vulnerable targets result for a specific exploit you define.

Simple Explanation of the tool:

  1. Makes a google search
  2. Parse from each page results
  3. Test if each target is vulnerable for a specific exploit


Python 3 and above

How to install and run:

Make a search with google bot:

python --browser='chrome' --dork=' inurl:index.php' --location="Venezuela"

Run the exploit parsers to check if results can or not be vulnerable:

cd xpl_parsers


Run the (if the original exploit is runned by command line – READ THE EXPLOIT):

cd exploits

python --file

Usage: --dork=<arg> --browser=<arg> [--exploit_parser=<arg>]
[--google_domain=<arg>] --help --version


-h --help Open help menu
-v --version Show version

Required options:

--dork='google dork' your favorite g00gle dork

Keywords: Google, explorer, free

Author: Master3395


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