Now you can Skype without account

IT | Nov 15, 2016 | Master3395

Microsoft makes the process easier.

Until now, users have been dependent to by creating a Skype or Microsoft account to talk to others on the popular service.

Skype without an account
Now make Microsoft change the web version, which means that users do not need to log in with an account to talk with others.

Looking to start a Skype call, open and click on "Start a conversation" and enter a name. Once that is done, you get a link to the conversation that you can share with the one you want.

As free edition
All free features are included in this version, which does not require login. It includes common voice chat, group message, group chat and video, as well as sharing screen and file sharing.

Users who are logged in as guest will have access to the call for 24 hours. After that you must register for a free Skype account if one wants to return to the call.

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