2 billion active Chrome installations

IT | Nov 12, 2016 | Master3395

New milestone for Chrome: growing like never before.

There has been so much new out of Chrome Dev Summit, but somehow it is, however, that Chrome Engineering VP Darin Fisher has said that there are now 2 billion active Chrome installations.

ITavisen have previously written about the Internet Explorer falls as stone and Google chrome pick up users.

Google Chrome has grown from 35 to 55 percent market share in the year first ten months of, according to Net Applications

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Earlier this year - in April - said Google proudly that they had 1 billion monthly active mobile users.

- I would with this point that there are many Chrome browsers out there, said Fisher. - What's interesting is that when you are thinking about building something for the web, there are many browsers out there that uses the latest web standards, using the latest and best features on the Web.

Chrome to two billion users, Google now has seven products with more than a billion users, Gmail, Android, Chrome, Maps, Search, YouTube and Google Play Store.

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Sources: techcrunch

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