Clinton: - I'm sorry we did not win this election

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Clinton meets support his players in his first public appearance since the night's election shock.

- I'm sorry we did not win this election, says Hillary Clinton from the stage in New York where she first admits the night's losses publicly.

- This is painful, and it will be long. I will remind you of this: Our campaign was never about a person or an election campaign, she continues.

Unlike previous presidential election, she has exposed this traditional speech of the afternoon after Election Day, just after 17.30 Norwegian time. Clinton smiled broadly when she came on stage, but the mood in the hall marks of the night's shock.

When the thrilling election day neared called Hillary Clinton to her rival candidate and acknowledged it until then virtually unthinkable: Trump had won the presidential election. Performances in New York is the first time Clinton proves ago loss was a fact.

Obama speaks
It is expected that several key politicians will hold talks in the near term. President Obama has already spoken with Trump and welcomed him to a meeting at the White House where they will discuss the transfer of the presidency.

Obama will speak to the nation Wednesday at 18.15 Norwegian time. According to a tweet from the White House should talk shop about steps the nation can take to unite.

Paul Ryan embraced Trump
About the same time that Clinton spoke walked Paul Ryan on stage to talk about Trumps victory. As speaker of the House of Representatives is Ryan is the most important Republican except for the elections President. He and Trump had a mildly strained relationship throughout the election campaign. He used the occasion to praise the boss:

- Let me just say that this is the most amazing political achievement I've ever seen in my life, said Ryan.

- Donald Trump heard a voice out of this country that no one else heard. He got in touch with people no one else got in touch with, he continued.

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