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Yes, it is possible, but not for regular users

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A new summer is upon us, and the desire for a more advanced user experience in iPadOS is everyone's hope ahead of WWDC on June 6, like all June months.

Is there a bigger iPad going on and is that why Apple does not want to give us better multitasking?
So far, Apple has not wanted to do the most obvious thing, namely to release the app windows so we can do as we please with them.


It will hardly make that much sense on the 11-inch, but on the 12.9-inch it can go, it can also be smart of Apple to consider a 14 or 15-inch. They may be launching larger iPads, and if that happens then they will have to do something with iPadOS.


The fact that sales of iPads have actually declined in the last quarter, many believe, at least those who think things online as in social online forums, is because iPadOS is simply not so advanced that it can replace a MacBook, but it is a few obvious things Apple needs to get in place anyway.


Now it's just clutter
And one of them is support for multiple user accounts. Have you ever borrowed an iPad and then noticed that messages, photos, and other things remain even after the borrower has logged out of their iCloud account?


As on the Mac, it should be possible to create as many accounts as you want, and it is actually possible, but only if the iPad is part of a corporate hardware fleet.


“It's 2022”
Seriously, it's 2022 and we can not get separate profiles on iPad :( "reads the first comment on the Reddit thread" make this public "with an accompanying photo of a number of accounts on one and the same iPad. The photo is from Apple and the company's Apple at Work platform that just makes it possible.


With a shared iPad, more users can share devices without sharing information. When employees log in to their company-managed Managed Apple ID, the iPad loads their data, apps, and settings, so employees can pick up any device and get started. ” Users also have access to their own files and folders via the Files app and email account.


We have so many times hoped that something like this would benefit all users, but have repeatedly been disappointed, so we dare not hope for anything this time either.


What do you want in iPadOS 16?


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