Now iOS 10.1 launched for all!

Apple | Oct 24, 2016 | Master3395

Bunch of bug fixes and portrait-function iPhone 7 Plus.

Finally, Apple released iOS 10.1 to all supported iOS 10-eneter.

Download and update
The update is important for those of you with iPhone 7 Plus - 10.1 adds namely support for the fine portrait feature (which curiously enough still in beta in non-beta release of 10.1).

It also made a number of other improvements and bug fixes under the hood.

tvOS 10.0.1 is also launched for all Apple TV 4. The update fixes minor errors. A major update coming later to make it easier to log on to all the services.

iOS 10.1 supported devices:

Change Log 10.1 to iPhone and Apple Watch

Camera and Photos



Apple Watch

Other improvements and fixes


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