Life in Paradise

Roblox Game Review | Sep 22, 2016 | Master3395

On my way to review another good game created by a talented developer
at roblox my boat became capsized after a large object rammed the boat
from underneath. I swam to the closest land i could find and when i
reached the shores i was at Life in Paradise a "game" made by a "creator"
known as Games_Page

I saw a large black building and went inside, once i was inside loud
horrible music made by Ariana Grande burst my eardrums, dazed i stumbled
up to the front of the stage where a dog was responsible for this nightmare.
When i asked him to turn it off he didn't respond, why you ask? Because dogs
don't talk you idiot.


I escaped the large black building and went to the first person i could
find in an attempt to ask for directions back to civilisation, when i asked
this man for directions he just dabbed for 5 minutes straight and did not


Then all of a sudden i was swept off my feet by a large muscular man and
shoved into a pushchair. Having chosen to not wear my superhero tough guy
package before i arrived here i was not strong enough to escape him.
He took me to a building where he changed by face to the epic face, made me
wear girls clothes and make me wear..an sk9r hat.. Once the strong 3.0 man
was looking the other way i put my own clothes back on and ran away, he chased
me until luckily he got ran over by a black car.



I ran and ran until i finally reached a decent game to make a game review on,
i would not recommend this game unless you are the type of guy that likes to be
forced to listen to Ariana Grande, wear skater hats and girls clothes.

You can play the game here

Keywords: Roblox, Life in Paradise

Author: Master3395


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