Google will let you test new Chromecast features before others

Google | Sep 16, 2016 | Master3395

Is available for all models.

More technology and gaming companies have seen the importance of allowing users to test their software before launch and Microsoft and Apple are two of them which offer access to most of their product portfolio.

Google is not any worse and has among other things a developer program for Android. Now get the company's popular streaming gizmo, Chromecast, a private "beta program."

Search giant explains that this is not is a beta program, but will instead receive early access to features like "will be of the same quality" that is available to others.

Do you want to participate, do the following:

  • Open Google Cast app. The procedure is similar whether you have iOS or Android.
  • Under "Units" select the Chromecast you want to roll into the program.
  • Press the three dots at the top right of the device and select "Device Settings."
  • Select "Preview Program" and press "Join the program."
  • Google writes that if one can not see the choice of means that do not seek new members at this time. We got the opportunity in the iOS app, but not on Android.


All Chromecasts models can participate in the program and that includes Chromecasts 1, 2 and Audio.

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