IT|May 4, 2021

The fight against Steam gets the steam up

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On Monday, Apple must appear in court to justify the App Store fee of 30 percent. A few days ago, Microsoft shook up the market by reducing Windows' store cut to 12 percent, putting pressure on Valve's Steam store.


."Uses its monopoly to take dominance over the market"
Now the gaming giant Valve is facing lawsuits from Wolfire against its 30 percent cut and alleged anti-competitive practice on its PC gaming platform Steam.

Valve abuses market power by ensuring that game publishers have no alternative to selling games through the Steam Store, where they are subject to Valve's 30 percent fee.

Like Epic vs Apple, the new lawsuit alleges that the platform owner is using his monopoly to dominate the market by taxing the rest of the industry - an industry that would give consumers lower prices if they got out of Apple / Valve's iron grip.


Income of NOK 125 million per. employed only in fees
Wolfire Games claims that Valve controls "approximately 75 percent" of the PC gaming market and harvests an estimated NOK 50 billion in annual revenue on the 30 percent fee alone, ie more than NOK 125 million per year. year per Valve employee.

The charges against Valve can be boiled down to:

  • All other companies' attempts to compete with Steam have failed.

  • Steam does not allow publishers to sell PC games and game keys cheaper elsewhere.

  • Rival gaming platforms can thus not compete on price.

  • Most competing game stores have largely given up.

  • This ensures that Steam remains dominant. Companies that could have become competitors are reduced to selling Steam keys.

Valve did not respond to a request for comment.



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