Google|May 1, 2021

On May 18, Google will talk about all of these things - promising important revelations

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Google's own developer conference Google I / O is approaching and we have taken a look at what kind of exciting things the company will reveal to developers this time now that they have revealed the program.

Editor Trond Bie recently wrote a comment in relation to Google's consumer commitment, and believes that they should take it more seriously. At the same time, Google CEO Sundar Pichai reports that investors can expect important revelations in May.


A load of sessions and learning opportunities
As usual, speakers from almost all divisions in Google will excel from the digital scene and there will be regular break-out sessions and interactive workshops where instructors will guide us through training sessions where it will be possible to ask questions and get answers. There will also be Ask me Anything sessions. Workshops and AMA sessions will require a reservation, and the Learning Lab as it is called will feature live streams of workshops, lessons, demos, and tutorials.


Google will talk about:

  • Android

  • Google Play

  • Web-plattformer

  • Maskin-læring

  • Google Assistant

  • Material Design

  • Chrome OS

  • Flutter

  • Firebase

  • Google Pay

  • ARCore

  • Smarthjem

All the news in Android 12 that is "released" during Google I / O is followed by sessions led by Google employees with several "assistants" present to ensure that developers can ask their questions and get input on what they can do to take advantage of more of the potential that lies in the new features and the Android ecosystem in general.


Here you will find a full overview of all sessions and the opportunity to register.
Android Wear and relive AR sessions everywhere
It does not fall under the category of "breaking news", but Wear OS changes its name and drops OS. And thus gets the name Android Wear, and there are sessions aimed at the development of so-called Tiles that provide quick access to information. With "etpack library for Tiles", developers can more easily develop these and thus improve the user experience for more, faster.


A weakness with AR is that a session must be repeated to be experienced, you have to be in the same place, every time. One of the sessions this year is about how to use AR "offline", so let's say you want to experience the same AR moment you had.

This is what Google calls "post capture AR" and is essentially the ability to record an AR session and repeat it several times.

New widget design in Android 12
There are also sessions on how to customize Widgets to the new design that comes with Android 12. Among other things, widgets get designs that are more in line with the rest of the OS and linked to Google Assistant. After iOS got widgets, they may get a new spring also on Android as the interest and use of them is on the rise.


Android Police warns more news in Android 12 developer test 3:


The latest Android 12 developer test recently received a major interface overhaul with very round elements and larger text sizes, including in the settings that are more reminiscent of the Samsung One UI and OnePlus UI.

What are you looking forward to learning more about during this year's Google I / O?



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