IT|Apr 8, 2021

YouTube to share how often someone watches "offensive content"

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Google-owned YouTube now reports that they should log user statistics when viewing content that violates the policy.


Google will update the VVR figures quarterly
Violative View Rate (VVR) is intended to help the service determine what percentage of the content viewed is content that is marked as "infringing".

We will launch a new data point called VVR which is part of our Community Guidelines Enforcement Report. The report will have a separate section called "Views" which reveals historical data and the fourth quarter 2020 the VVR data in combination with the methodology ".

This is how the service finds out how many people view content that is marked as offensive:

Machine learning takes care of most things
The service invested heavily in machine learning in 2017, and it has yielded results: YouTube is now able to detect 94 percent of the infringing content with automatic flagging - 75 percent is deleted before the clip gets 10 views.

The latest VVR figure reveals 0.16 to 0.18 percent VVR, which in turn means that out of 10,000 views, 16 to 18 of them are infringing as defined by YouTube's terms.

"This is 70 percent less than what we saw in the same quarter of 2017."


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YouTube to share how often someone watches "offensive content"

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