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Roblox Game Review | Sep 2, 2016 | Master3395

Mad Games is a popular minigames style game created by Loleris, a well-known and arguably the largest developer on roblox. Mad Games is a serious of minigames which includes more classic style minigames such as mad murderer and minesweeper but other minigames such as sheriff madness, balloon burst, tile smasher, juggernaut, and angry cat.
Once you first enter the game you will first see Mad Games’ impressive intro gui, this ensures that from the start you have high expectations for this game as you realise it has cared for with every detail by the developers who made it.
The user interface in made games is dynamic and impressive with many choices of buttons to click on your screen while in the lobby, yet you aren’t drowning in masses of text as the user interface consists of many small symbols and logos. When a round starts the game mode is explained in a short description on a small sleek looking gui.
When in the lobby you have many features to keep you busy such as the style of the lobby itself, a unique design compared to most lobbies for minigames you will find on roblox, this one is also seen to be updated each season, with the summer styled lobby currently in place.
When you participate in a round and win, you win a ruby as well as a few coins. The rubies and coins as well as LP (Loyalty points) are used as in game currency which can be used to buy a wide range of items such as different textured weapons for your character, pets, Auroras such as spinning knives around your character like mine. (which you can see in the picture above). Loyalty points can be earned by following the Mad Games twitter account, this is done in an attempt to encourage you to revisit the game several times.
Capture 2
The game also allows you to make a lot of purchases, this includes VIP, radios, extra in game currency and more. This can seem like a bit much and that Loleris may be milking Mad Games just a little too much, although that doesn’t stop you from having fun.
Overall Mad Games is an excellent game which is why it’s so popular on roblox and everyone knows about it. If you don’t use roblox this would be a good game to start off with.
You can play Mad Games here

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