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Releases major update to the popular launch opportunity.

Last year, Microsoft released a special launcher for Android, called Arrow Launcher, and it became very popular in record time.

arrow Launcher
Behind app is Microsoft Garage project where the company's employees can work on their own projects.

Earlier this summer, they released version 2.0 of Arrow Launcher including Office 365 integration, July brought 2.1 with new design animations and now version 2.2 available:

  • Full customization options on the home screen: Now you can place apps and widget (widget) where you want under "Apps" page.
  • Double tap to lock the phone.
  • On the "Recent" page, you can press and hold on an image to hide, draw or share.
  • Support for live wallpapers.

popular Launcher
The app has been downloaded between 1 and 5 million times on Play Store since its launch last year, and is just one of many popular Microsoft apps available for Android.

Arrow Launcher can be found in the Play Store. What is your favorite launcher for Android?

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